I am fascinated with human centered design, and how following its hints can unlock impact, create value and lead to innovation. I believe that people are the core of the solutions -not the designer- and that listening and observing with empathy is the key to finding answers to the most complex design challenges. I believe in the power of prototyping and failing, learning and iterating, and for that I consider design methods as essential tools for a reliable process and therefore trustworthy results. 
I have felt how my curious nature sparks with every design challenge and is encouraged with new findings and insights into the particular field and the users’ behavior, especially after experiencing how daily interactions, even the simplest, can become so complex and intriguing. Finding the interaction nuances from a user experience perspective is essential for me, not only to meet user needs but to design experiences that matter, because the design only makes sense when rooted in the insights of the users’ and the company and not in assumptions. 
About me, I am eager, willing to learn, and to grow. I embrace honesty, integrity and hard work as my core values and consider myself as a positive, collaborative, proactive and enthusiastic team player. I have lived in 6 cities, in 3 continents and 4 countries so far, I enjoy learning with every experience to open my mind to different perspectives, and to embrace diversity in all fields as the essence that connects us as human beings. Besides, as an amateur photographer I have cultivated an attention to details and a mindful view of daily life that contributes to my creative thinking and problem-solving skills.